Free IT audit

Free IT audit for Cambridgeshire businesses

Whether you are considering switching IT provider or would just like to find out how new technologies could improve your business’ productivity, Camb IT Support offers a free, no obligation audit of your IT systems.

After a short informal chat about your business – covered in as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable with – one of our senior engineers can visit your premises to run the rule over your IT systems to identify where improvements could be made and where smart investment might get results.

IT audits tailored to your business

We will examine the reliability, productivity and security of your IT systems, looking at all of them through the prism of your business goals and strategy and also, your budget.

As SMB specialists, we know how to make an IT budget work hard. We guarantee that we won’t recommend unnecessary change or ‘over-specify’ a solution that would be better suited to a large corporate. The goal from our point of view is to give you a preview of our approach and to convince you of our expertise.

We also promise that there will be absolutely no hard sell. Our unerringly friendly engineer will have a brief chat with you about your business goals and strategy, review your IT systems and then present you with a report.

It’s our hope that if and when you do choose a supplier or invest in new equipment or services, Camb IT will be one of the companies you call.


Get to grips with your IT systems - it couldn't be easier


A senior engineer will talk to you, either over the phone or in person about your business, with an aim of getting to grips with your objectives and understanding where you feel improvements could be made to your IT systems.

On-site audit

Our engineer will visit your premises to look at your hardware, software, networks, security, backups and processes, benchmarking your systems against best practice.

IT Report


We will encapsulate our findings in a report. The aim is to provide actionable information that can improve the way you do business but what you choose to do with the report is entirely up to you.

Would your business benefit from a systems health check? We can audit your systems and provide a free, no-obligation report. Click or call us on (01223) 576705 to get the ball rolling.

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