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IT Security need not be a confusing or daunting subject. We have many years’ experience in protecting SMEs and can explain in simple terms the key elements that need to be considered when securing your IT systems. We can tailor solutions to fit all scenarios depending on your individual business requirements with four key elements:

of cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses
Small Business Trends
of UK businesses experienced at least 1 attack in the last year
University of Portsmouth
of SMBs who experience data loss shut down within six months
National Cyber Security Alliance
of cyber attacks are financially motivated
Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

Email security

Email is the lifeblood of many business and after the telephone the main link to the outside world. It has therefore been exploited to compromise networks and is today one of the single biggest threats faced by SMEs. We have several means of securing your companies email systems by intercepting all incoming and outgoing email traffic and scanning for threats before they even reach your users inboxes.

We have partnered with Vade Secure, Symantec, Mimecast and Microsoft Office 365 to help ensure your internal systems are protected from email-borne threats.

Email security image
Network firewall image

Network Firewalls

With an increasing number of business systems moving to the Cloud, the need for stable and secure internet connection is becoming ever more important. We are SOPHOS Gold Partners and can provide industry leading hardware firewalls from their XG range to protect all businesses ranging from small consultancies and start-ups to multi-site national groups.

We have in-depth understanding of the various products available across the hardware range and can offer solutions tailored to individual business requirements.

Endpoint Security

Keeping your staff’s PCs/Laptops and mobile devices protected from threats introduced via email, compromised Websites and external storage devices is paramount in protecting your businesses critical data. We have partnered with SOPHOS and BitDefender to provide industry leading solutions to protect your devices through browser protection, email scanning, on-access scanning and heuristic behavioural analysis.

Endpoint security image
Endpoint security image

Device Encryption

With the modern workforce becoming increasingly mobile, protecting your staff members' devices when they are away from your corporate networks has become an increasingly important security requirement. Encryption ensures that any data stored on the laptop, including that synchronised from the Cloud and email data is unreadable to any third party unless decrypted in the host device. We are able to manage the encryption of Windows 10 based devices by pushing out encryption policies via Microsoft inTune Mobile Device Management or using local device-based BitLocker technologies on supported hardware.

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